FIU Online

The production was a collaborative effort with ZAG Creates for FIU Online, where the team was integral in co-writing the script and managing production, aligning with the university's mission. Their comprehensive involvement from concept to post-production ensured a cohesive creative process, resulting in a high-quality video that effectively communicated FIU Online's value and flexibility.

This production was a successful collaboration with ZAG Creates, a partner creative agency, for an engaging project with FIU Online, an esteemed online university based in South Florida. This partnership was a synergy of creative minds, with ZAG Creates bringing us on board to lend our production expertise to their client's vision. Together, we developed innovative ideas that would effectively communicate the value and flexibility of FIU Online's educational offerings. Our role extended beyond production; we were instrumental in co-writing the script, ensuring that the narrative resonated with prospective students and accurately reflected the university's mission.

Our involvement from the conceptualization stage through to directing the shoot allowed for a cohesive and unified creative process. Our team adeptly managed the production, ensuring every aspect aligned with the strategic objectives of FIU Online and ZAG Creates. In post-production, we applied our expertise in editing, color correction, and audio mixing to refine the final product, delivering a compelling and visually appealing video. This project not only showcased the seamless integration of our production capabilities with the creative direction of ZAG Creates but also underscored our commitment to producing high-quality content that effectively communicates the core messages of our clients.