No Days Off H20

The team was tasked with creating a 60-second commercial for a new premium water brand, focusing on introducing the brand and its core values, highlighting its discerning clientele, and integrating its monochromatic aesthetic with Miami's vibrant lifestyle. The comprehensive production spanned 7 Miami locations over 3 days, showcasing diverse talent and capturing additional social media content, demonstrating the team's ability to manage complex logistics and authentically represent the brand's narrative.

We were chosen by an emerging premium water brand to create a compelling launch campaign. With no pre-existing content, the challenge was to craft a 60-second commercial that effectively introduced their brand and core values, highlighted the discerning customers who choose their product, and showcased their distinctive monochromatic aesthetic, all while proudly asserting their Miami heritage. The creative brief was clear and ambitious: depict various athletes around Miami enjoying the water, integrating the brand seamlessly into the city's dynamic lifestyle. This vision went beyond mere product placement; it aimed to intertwine the brand's narrative with the vibrant pulse of Miami.

To meet this brief, we deployed our full array of production capabilities, from initial concept development and scriptwriting to meticulous shot list planning. The execution required precise coordination, covering 7 unique Miami locations across 3 days, with a diverse cast of talent. This endeavor was more than just a series of shoots; it was a testament to our expertise in orchestrating complex productions, ensuring each location and talent interaction authentically represented the brand. Beyond the commercial, we also captured a series of reels and photographs for social media, equipping the brand with a comprehensive content library to establish their presence in the market. This project demonstrated our ability to navigate intricate logistics while faithfully conveying the brand's identity against the vibrant backdrop of Miami and its diverse inhabitants.